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Santee Real Estate Market Update – July

July came and went so quickly! There are 48 detached homes available now in all of Santee, which is up 10 from 38 in June.   The supply level of homes in Santee remains low, meaning it’s a great time to sell. With historically low interest rates, it’s also a great time to buy.  Contact me for a list of available homes in Santee, or any area of San Diego.

In the month of July there were 40 single family homes sold in Santee.  The average sales price of a Santee home was $465,000. The highest price home sold for a whooping $738,000 and is of course located in beautiful Sky Ranch.

Click the link below for a list with vital stats of all of the Santee single family detached homes that sold in the month of July.


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Homes for Sale in Santee, CA

Homes for sale in Santee, CA continue to be tough to come by, as inventory remains low at just 47 available single family detached (SFD) and 35 available attached (A) homes.   The average number of homes sold and closed per month in 2013 is 58.7.   Currently Santee has 82 homes for sale (47 SFD and 35 A).   This means, on average Santee has about 1.39 months of inventory currently available.

However, the below chart, which shows homes closed in Santee by month for 2013, indicates a dramatic slowdown in September and October, with just 38 homes closing each month, down from a high of 85 in August.

Sold Homes in Santee, CA in 2013 by Month.  Includes attached and detached homes.

Sold Homes in Santee, CA in 2013 by Month. Includes attached and detached homes.

To qualify this number a bit, it is very normal for the later months of the year to slow down some.  People like to buy earlier in the year and many prefer to close before the kids head back to school.  Once the holiday season begins, it is very normal for the market to slow a bit.  I would expect that prices will stay relatively flat if not decrease just slightly towards the end of the year.  Then depending on available homes for sale in Santee, CA in the new year, we’ll know more about which direction prices will go.

If you would like to know these stats for your zip code, simply comment below and I will be happy to gather that data.   I’m also pleased to offer no obligation home valuations.  Please contact me if this is of interest to you.

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