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Santee Housing Market Overview with Suzanne Coleman and Rob McNelis

Santee Housing Market Update

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With historically low mortgage rates and some great pricing and increased availability in the city of Santee, Rob McNelis and Suzanne Coleman discuss the state of the housing market.

There are currently 58 detached homes available for sale in Santee.  They range in price from $299,000 to $759,000.  This represents both an increase in available inventory and pricing, or, each good points for buyers as well as sellers.  The average price of an available home is $467,000 which averages out to a price per square foot of $275.  The average time on the market has increased from the all time lows of earlier this year to about 35 days and currently there is about 2 months of inventory (available homes) on the market.

31 attached homes are up for sale in Santee as of today with a price range of $180,000 all the way up to $452,000.  The low end make great homes for first time buyers and in a trend  seen nationally, some move up buyers with young families are choosing attached homes.   The higher end attached homes in Santee allow both empty nesters and young families to choose from many of the outdoor  recreation amenities Santee has to offer, while not having the responsibility and burden of a yard to maintain.

In closing with historically great interest rates and increased inventory, it’s a great time to buy despite the social business of the holiday season.  Pre-qualify today with Rob and find a perfect home in Santee with Suzanne tomorrow!  Close before the end of the year and enjoy your tax break!

Five Things to Know Before you Short Sell

Thinking of short selling your home in Santee?  Although short sales have decreased dramatically, they are still a viable option for some homeowners.   First, what is a short sale?  A short sale is a sale of real estate in which the proceeds from selling the property will fall short of the balance of debts secured by liens against the property.  In a nutshell, if you owe more on your Santee home than it is worth; have experienced a hardship which impedes your ability to make your mortgage payment; and you want to avoid foreclosure, a short sale may be a good option for you.

Homes for sale in Santee, CA tend to sell quickly these days.  Inventory is very low and demand is very high.  So the opportunity is now.  Currently the shortage is technically considered income, however Federal guidelines allow for this “income” to be forgiven in 2013.  This could change for 2014.

Know your options

Although short selling your home in Santee may be the best option, it is wise to contact your lender and explore potential relief programs  they may offer.  Some banks offer deeds in lieu of foreclosure, loan modifications (some permanent, others temporary) an opportunity to refinance, and others.  It’s worth your time to look into in order to avoid a foreclosure.

Get a real estate agent who has successfully closed short sales

Find a Santee real estate agent who has successfully closed more than a few short sales.  Each situation is different, so your agent should be seasoned.  Each mortgage lender has a different process and system they utilize.  Your Realtor should also assist you in exploring the options mentioned above with your lender if you have not done so.   Realtors like listings, but prefer to have lifetime buyers and sellers because we help choose the best option for you.   If you decide to short sell, your agent will assist you to complete an authorization for them to speak on your behalf to the bank, and further interaction should be handled by the agent in most cases.  Your Realtor handles negotiations with the bank and should be in very regular communication with you.

Get your tax person involved

Bottom line, laws change.  More importantly, no matter how great your Santee Realtor may be, trust me, they do not know the tax laws like your good old tax preparer.  If you do your own taxes, it is worth a visit with a CPA to discuss any potential penalties or consequences of your course of action.

Know that it will be anything but short in most cases

More often than not short sales take an eternity to close.    “Short” refers to the proceeds falling short of paying off the debt and has nothing to do with the time is takes to get a short sale finished.  That said, some banks are well equipped to handle short sales, others woefully slow and unprepared.  This is another reason to have a short sale experienced real estate agent who will take charge and be proactive.

You can buy again

Although short selling your home certainly wasn’t what you envisioned when you bought, understand that the opportunity to buy can happen again.   Banks are currently offering programs for individuals who had to short sell or who have a bankruptcy or foreclosure in their credit history.   There are qualifications and time frames, and these change frequently.  The Realtor that helps you short sell your Santee home, should be able to connect you with lenders who specialize in buying again.

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