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Santee Real Estate Market Update – July

July came and went so quickly! There are 48 detached homes available now in all of Santee, which is up 10 from 38 in June.   The supply level of homes in Santee remains low, meaning it’s a great time to sell. With historically low interest rates, it’s also a great time to buy.  Contact me for a list of available homes in Santee, or any area of San Diego.

In the month of July there were 40 single family homes sold in Santee.  The average sales price of a Santee home was $465,000. The highest price home sold for a whooping $738,000 and is of course located in beautiful Sky Ranch.

Click the link below for a list with vital stats of all of the Santee single family detached homes that sold in the month of July.


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Santee Housing Market Overview with Suzanne Coleman and Rob McNelis

Santee Housing Market Update

Click above to watch the video!

With historically low mortgage rates and some great pricing and increased availability in the city of Santee, Rob McNelis and Suzanne Coleman discuss the state of the housing market.

There are currently 58 detached homes available for sale in Santee.  They range in price from $299,000 to $759,000.  This represents both an increase in available inventory and pricing, or, each good points for buyers as well as sellers.  The average price of an available home is $467,000 which averages out to a price per square foot of $275.  The average time on the market has increased from the all time lows of earlier this year to about 35 days and currently there is about 2 months of inventory (available homes) on the market.

31 attached homes are up for sale in Santee as of today with a price range of $180,000 all the way up to $452,000.  The low end make great homes for first time buyers and in a trend  seen nationally, some move up buyers with young families are choosing attached homes.   The higher end attached homes in Santee allow both empty nesters and young families to choose from many of the outdoor  recreation amenities Santee has to offer, while not having the responsibility and burden of a yard to maintain.

In closing with historically great interest rates and increased inventory, it’s a great time to buy despite the social business of the holiday season.  Pre-qualify today with Rob and find a perfect home in Santee with Suzanne tomorrow!  Close before the end of the year and enjoy your tax break!

Why I Love Santee

If you live in Santee, whether you own or rent a home, you know why the people here in Santee love it.   To give a brief history, I have lived here since 1995.  That was prior to many of the improvements we currently enjoy in Santee.  Now when I was a kid, the only reason to travel from San Carlos to Santee was for one of two things; to go to the dump or Costco, Price Club back then.   We seriously never went to Santee for any other reason.  My Grandparents briefly moved to Santee in about 1973 because the 52 freeway was going to connect everything.  They soon realized that would not happen for many more years and moved back to San Carlos, where I grew up. 

Fast forward to 2003.  I had been living in Santee for about 8 years.  I landed this great job with a new homes sales and marketing company and soon realized my passion was real estate.  That’s another story.  The Ryness Company was located in Del Mar, CA and most everyone that worked there was from the northern portion of the county in San Diego.  People would ask where I lived and I would proudly tell them Santee, only to be met with looks of thinly veiled disapproval.  I was quick to defend my Santee, but rarely convinced anyone of the advantages of living in Santee.  Sometimes I even felt bad telling people where I lived, despite knowing it was such a great city!

Fast forward to present day.   Off the top of my head, here are the reasons I love Santee:

Home prices are better, you get more for your money!  The average price per square foot in Santee was 42% lower than other areas in the county in September of this year.

The schools are fantastic.  The website Greatschools.org gives schools in Santee an 8 to 9 out of a possible 10 rating.

Shopping is amazing.  With the exception of a major department store such as Macy’s or Nordstrom’s, Santee boasts a Kohl’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, Sprouts, 2 major grocery stores, Barnes and Nobel, Petsmart, PetCo, Tilly’s, Party City, Home Depot and Lowes, BevMo, Target, 2 Walgreen’s, Pier One, and hundreds more.

Lots of places to eat and more coming!   From Chili’s to Phil’s and Buffalo Wild Wings to Wings and Things!  We even have a Jersey Mike’s Subs and a Dudley’s Bakery.    Sushi, Pho, Mexican, Thai, Italian, Barbeque, basically you name it, it’s probably here!

Traffic has improved dramatically with the addition of the 52/67 and 125 extensions.

Move up housing is coming soon with the ongoing development of Canton Hills by KB Homes and Castlerock by Pardee.  More condos and newer apartments are on the planning table as well.

Santee has many amazing dog and kid friendly parks, a country club with a golf course, a Sportplex, a newer Boys and Girls Club, robust AYSO, softball, little league and Pop Warner sports programs and a newer YMCA.

Finally, I have it on good authority that a new attraction is coming to Santee that will bring jobs and income to the city.   More about that in a  future blog, but it’s going to be AMAZING.

To reach me, call 619-206-2784, comment on the blog or email me at Suzanne@bigblockrealty.com

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