Why You Should Hire a Real Estate Expert

Santee Real Estate ExpertWhether buying or selling a home hiring the right agent can make all the difference in the world.  In this blog we will go over a few reasons that hiring a great agent can make this potentially stressful period so much easier.

Realtors are constantly educating themselves.  Besides the continuing education the Bureau of Real Estate requires, we are always reading, meeting, talking and listening.  Hopefully listening more than talking!

Realtors are buffers.  Most buyers and sellers are not objective negotiators, especially when it comes to such an emotional subject like the place you live, or want to live.  Let your agent be the bad guy and let you come out the good guy!  We can also sniff out the serious buyers from the time wasters.

Price Guidance.  Remember, your Realtor doesn’t set the price, the market does that!   Priced too high, then the average time on market in your area will be exceeded unless there are extenuating circumstances.  Priced too low, you’ll sell the first day, unless there is very little inventory, or again, those crazy circumstances.  Every situation is unique, which is why a Realtor’s guidance is valuable.

Neighborhood Knowledge.  An agent will have the scoop on everything that has sold or been listed recently, flipped, improved, foreclosed, has a notice of default or any number of other situations in your area.  Makes us seem nosey, but we just have access to good stuff!

Paperwork!  Oh that naughty word that can get you called to the courthouse.  This is probably the most important factor,  The above reasons are all good, but the paperwork is confusing at best and the number of forms needed, or are they, is mind boggling.  I could go into great detail, but you would quit reading.  You get the point!

Suzanne Coleman

Santee Real Estate Expert


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