Simple Steps to Attracting Buyers

Have you ever walked into someone’s home for sale in Santee, and immediately been put off by something?  We all have, whether it’s clutter, an odd smell, just plain dirty or too many people.  Lots of things can offend the senses, but there are some simple steps home sellers can take to make their home more appealing and memorable to potential buyers.

Curb appeal means a lot.  A simple, but nice manicured yard can give a great first impression.  You don’t want buyers out on tour to remember your home as, “the one with the ugly front yard.”

Clutter can kill, literally, a potential buyers “vision” of what your home could be.  Home buyers want to be able to visualize their things in your home.  Having too many pictures, general clutter, knick knacks and the like can really detract from the real appeal your home has.  Clutter can also make the rooms appear smaller.  Again, you don’t want buyers to recall your home as, “the hoarder house.”  You are moving right?  Why not start packing non essentials now?

I love my pets, but not everyone will.  Between a barking dog, curious cats, and the odors that come along with pet ownership, not everyone can appreciate these things.  It’s best to keep pets confined and let any real estate agent know your pets are there and where they will be during showings.

To recap, spruce up the front yard a bit, de-clutter, make sure your home smells pleasant, and take extra care to make sure pets are safely confined.  Simple stuff!

Suzanne Coleman


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